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Special Yoga Session with Neurological Patients at Radheshyam Disability Center

This Saturday we successfully completed the 154th YFE session. The session was unique and special as we had a chance to do yoga with people with special needs. These were patients of neurological disorder and were under care and treatment at Radheshyam disability center, Amleshwar.

The whole team of Mrityunjay Yoga reached the center around 9:30 am on Saturday, August 3rd. This session was different as there wasn’t a crowd of a hundred people with mics and cameras, instead, it was a calm and serene place away from the city, in a place filled with lush green surroundings. Amidst this greenery and serenity, there were patients waiting eagerly for us to conduct the session. They were physically disabled but filled with enthusiasm and will to do something positive for their own self.

Manju Jha ma’am started the class with Om chanting and a short prayer, where she made them connect with their mind and body. Thereafter she made them do a few light asanas depending on their physical mobility. The main focus was given on extracting any kind of negative thoughts and desire from their body and encouraging them to bring about change in themselves and not feel helpless with their situation. For that purpose, a Yog Nidra session was given and it was an amazing experience, each one of the patients seems to be lost in the moment.

There were patients of all ages and groups and were the victim of some unfortunate accidents which rendered them helpless. However, they had an undying spirit and zeal to get cured. They all loved the yoga session and wished to do the same in the future.

It was an overwhelming experience for us as well. There were sweet exchanges of thought and we listened to their problems and explained any queries regarding yoga. The whole session was arranged by our trainer and physiotherapist Priyanka Vaish, who has been actively working with the Radheshyam Disability Centre to cure these patients.

In the end, we all had breakfast together and the session ended on a positive and happy note.

We have vowed to visit the center often and help them recover through yoga.


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