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Yoga Improves Quality Of Your Sleep: Research-Based Results by Mrityunjay Yoga

Are you struggling with sleepless nights and the resulting impact on your health and productivity? Mrityunjay Yoga's research-based study offers compelling evidence that yoga can be your solution. In this blog, we'll delve into the statistics and graphics that showcase the transformation of sleep cycles for individuals practicing Hatha yoga.

The Participants:

We began with 50 candidates from various backgrounds, including students with late-night study habits, insomniacs, long sleepers, and late risers. These diverse groups shared a common goal: to improve their sleep and overall well-being.

The Yoga Intervention:

For three weeks, participants attended pure Hatha yoga classes from Monday to Saturday. The impact of this regimen on their sleep patterns and overall health was nothing short of remarkable.


  1. Late-Night Owls:

  • 06925 students struggling with late-night studying.

  • After three weeks, they were able to get 7 hours of sleep and attend morning yoga classes.

  • Increased energy levels throughout the day.

  1. Moderate Insomniacs:

  • 5 insomniac candidates.

  • Initial attendance was 70%, improving to 90% in the last week.

  • Significant improvements in daytime alertness and 3 nights of quality sleep per week.

  1. Late Risers:

  • Youngsters who often woke up late.

  • Achieved an 80% attendance rate.

  • 5 nights of restful sleep per week, accompanied by positive changes in behavior and productivity.

Statistical Graphs:

We've created detailed statistical graphs to visually represent the improvements in sleep quality and overall health for each group.


Based on the results, it's clear that yoga, particularly Hatha yoga, can be a transformative solution to sleep issues. Approximately 82% of participants reported significant improvements in their sleep cycle and overall health.

Invitation to Join Mrityunjay Yoga:

We invite you to experience the benefits of yoga for yourself! Join Dr. Manju Jha's free online yoga sessions on YouTube and take the first step toward a healthier and wiser life.

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