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Third Eye Activation: Enhancing Focus and Intuition

In our recent yoga session titled "Third Eye," we focused on the Ajna Chakra to help participants improve their focus and intuition.


- Awareness: Teach the importance of the Ajna Chakra (third eye) in yoga.

- Techniques: Use asanas, pranayama, and meditation to activate the third eye.

Session Highlights:

1. Storytelling and Writing: Shared information about the third eye to imprint it in the subconscious mind.

2. Interactive Games:

   - Fill in the Blank:

"_____ जो स्रोत से निकलती है, जबकि _____ हर बार अपने स्रोत में लौटती है।" (Answer: Dhara and Radha)

   - Partner Pairing: Students picked chits and found their partners using intuition, without speaking.

   - Writing Task: Partners wrote the same word repeatedly to match their numbers.

3. Yoga Practices: Performed asanas and pranayama focused on the Ajna Chakra.

4. Tratak Session: Paired students focused on a candle, matched words, and thought about the fill-in-the-blank answer.


- Over 50% found their partners.

- 90% wrote more than 20 words.

- 70% guessed "Radha" correctly.


Participants enjoyed the session. One said, "Aaj ki class behtarin thi... focus badh gaya hai." Another noted, "Concentration and focus increased after the class."


The session concluded with the fill-in-the-blank answer: "Dhara जो स्रोत से निकलती है, जबकि Radha हर बार अपने स्रोत में लौटती है।" This emphasized the importance of detachment and focus for opening the third eye, fostering internal awareness and spiritual growth through yoga.

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