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Yoga and Environmental Sustainability

Most of you must be wondering how yoga can help in environmental sustainability. To understand that we have to first understand the true meaning of Yoga.

Yoga isn’t all about postures and asanas, the true meaning and purpose of yoga is to connect. To connect individuals with the ‘atman’, one’s own self. The human body is made up of the same five elements as nature, earth, water, fire, air and ether. When one connects with the true nature of their own being, they connect with nature, they feel one with the environment around them. The person becomes aware and a truly aware Individual will never think of harming the nature that nourishes him.

In the eight limbs of yoga, ‘Yama’ and ‘Niyama’ are the first two limbs which lays stress upon harmony for self and harmony for others and nature around.

Asanas are just a single part of yoga practice, yoga is a way of life, it teaches how to live in harmony with self and others. It makes us aware of our actions and it’s consequences. Karma yoga is a type of yoga which stresses on the importance of human action and the results of those actions on a person’s life.

If every individual is aware of their act and karma and how bad karma of theirs can have a negative impact not only on them but nature around. Would they dare harm nature? No, they won’t.

Maybe standing on your head or twisting your body won’t save nature but understanding yoga and adopting its teaching in life, following its path can have a positive impact both on humans and nature.

Yoga was given as a gift to teach us the way of life, maybe it’s high time we get back to it.

Other than that, using natural organic mats can add to the sustainability of the environment even more.

“Save the planet and do yoga.”

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