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Yoga retreat at Parvati Valley – Himachal Pradesh

A team of Mrityunjay Yoga recently went on a ten-day-long trip to Himachal Pradesh. The expedition was taken by seven members of the Mrityunjay Yoga team including, digital marketing faculties and few trainers.

The trip was arranged with the purpose of conducting a yoga retreat in the lap of the Himalayas and doing yoga at various places while trekking through the valley. The trip started on the 15th of July and continued till the 26th of the month. In this while we covered the whole of Parvati valley, starting from Kasol. The first session was conducted at Kasol thereafter we moved to Tosh, Kutla, Chojh, magic Valley, Malana, and back to Kasol again. We trekked to these places stopping at each place for at least a day and conducting a yoga session of an hour at each place.

It was an amazing and soul enchanting place. Doing yoga at the backdrop of mighty mountains and expansive waterfalls was a life-changing experience for each one of us. We could connect with ourselves and our mind and body so much better in the lap of nature. There was a serenity in the environment with the only sound being the chirping of birds and the sound of the waterfall. Each place seemed like a yogis paradise.

Yoga retreat at Parvati Valley - Himachal Pradesh

We learned why it is recommended to do yoga amidst nature, surrounded by the positive energy of the landscape. The energy of the earth rejuvenates the body and there forms an energy cycle between the body and the earth. You could easily connect with your subconscious mind and understand the purpose of your being.

At Magic Valley, which is at the height of 10, 000 feet, where there was no connection with the outside world, where there were sky touching mountains and a vast expanse of trees as far as the eye could see. This place felt like an ideal place for meditation, we sat for the ‘dhyan session’ at a silent place, delving deep into our subconscious, while trying to connect with the divine.

It was an overwhelming experience for us and we wish to conduct more such sessions at different places surrounded by the bounty of nature.

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