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4 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Yoga As A Career

Yoga might not be a mainstream career option right now but it surely is emerging as a lucrative career not only in India but around the Globe. With rising awareness and enthusiasm about health and yoga and steep changes occurring in the employment market, yoga is gaining momentum and more and more people are opting to choose yoga as a full-time career.

Knowledge of Yoga was given to the world by the Indian sage and philosopher Patanjali about 3000 years ago. In earlier times yoga was not common to all, only a selected few rishis and enlightened men performed yoga and meditation. Slowly and gradually through the centuries yoga went through a lot of changes and various sects and forms of yoga were discovered by people on their own accord. And today people around the globe understand the power and value of yoga and have included it in their lifestyle.

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Regions like Africa, European Union, and the Asia Pacific are expecting a boom in the industry and a huge number of job roles for yogis and yoga students.

With more and more people getting health conscious today, the health industry sector is experiencing a tremendous boom. These past two years have taught people an important lesson and that is to prioritize their health which surely opens up many possibilities for yoga teachers.

More and more people are today at the risk of developing lifestyle diseases. All these are leading an individual to search for means of wellbeing, peace and calmness. 

Mind and body fitness is the need of the hour and many are returning to yoga, which has millions of practitioners around the world. It is an age-old practice which is a combination of physical and mental disciplines. 

Four reasons why you should choose yoga as a career

1. Unusual and out of the box career choice: Yoga is a different and very unusual career option for those who want to explore new choices. Unlike regular work, yoga teaching is a soul-satisfying job as it will help you to connect with people at a spiritual level and find peace within yourself as well.

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2. Earn handsome salary: Yoga teachers earn handsome amounts of money in various parts of the world including India, the US, and many European countries.  And looking at the rise in the number of yoga enthusiasts, the pay scale is going to increase enormously in the coming years.  We at Mrityunjay Yoga too provide internship options and full time jobs to selected students.

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3. Travel while you earn: Everybody wants to travel the world and gather new experiences. A career in yoga provides golden opportunities to travel the world, meet new people, know new cultures, and grow as a person. As a yoga teacher, you can go for yoga retreats, apply to teach yoga in different parts of the world, do your own research, participate in different training programs around the world. Many countries hire yoga teachers with great pay scale, lavish accommodations, and many other benefits. 


4. Only job which helps you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually: Every job comes with its own baggage, in the form of physical pain, mental stress, and emotional turmoil. As a yoga teacher, you won’t have to worry about these baggage, because you will be the one providing relief from these baggage to others. As a yoga teacher, you will learn the art of meditation, how to control your mind, body, and emotions. You will be submerged in divinity, and your heart and soul will be at utmost peace.


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