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15 Days Yoga Workshop At Indian Institute Of Management, Raipur

Indian Institute of Management, Raipur organised 15 days Yoga workshop for the teachers, staffs and faculty members. The workshop was from April 1st-15th 2022. The objective of the workshop was to help the participants learn and understand the importance of yoga in our daily lives. The workshop was conducted by Yog Guru Manju Jha.

The workshop started with an introduction to yoga and its benefits. For first two days Pawanmuktasana 1 was taught. Pawanmuktasana 1 also known as anti-rheumatoid series of asanas is very effective to reduce the stiffness and improve joint mobility. There were a lot of senior faculty members and they greatly benefitted from it.

Yoga Workshop At IIM

For the next thirteen days, each yoga session was focused on different organs and body parts and disease related to that part. The diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity etc. were focused. The asanas and pranayamas related to those diseases were taught in the workshop.

There was also a special meditation and Yog nidra session for work related stress. There was also health consultation session for the attendees.

The workshop was very helpful for all the participants. They learnt a lot about yoga and its benefits. There were many who attended yoga for the first time and really enjoyed the sessions.

The workshop ended with a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

They all felt more relaxed, rejuvenated and stress free. Many participants said that they would like to continue practicing yoga even after the workshop.

It was a great success and we are planning to conduct such workshops in future also.

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