YTTC-Yoga Teacher Training Course

About Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTTC)

It is a complete teacher training certification program, where the focus is on providing knowledge of all aspects of yoga in both practical and theoretical form. We aim to provide one with an opportunity to learn varied dimensions of techniques of yoga training.

We specialise in Hatha Yoga and in this course knowledge of classical Hatha yoga is provided in a blended course format. You will have a detailed understanding of yoga and its teaching format.

The word yoga contains varied meanings within itself and it is not easy to understand yoga just by watching and observing. At the end of this course, you would have a systematic understanding of yoga practice and methodology of teaching yoga.

Why Mrityunjay Yoga’s YTTC Programme?

What makes us different from others is that we are therapy based, treatment oriented yoga institute. Here you will not only learn about various teaching techniques of yoga but also know how to treat various diseases through Yoga.


The whole course is for four months. In these four months, you will be provided with detailed knowledge of Hatha Yoga and yoga therapy. This includes both practical and theoretical knowledge. 

For any yogi, their physical fitness and strength is very important. Physical fitness enables us to perform advanced asanas. We also focus on providing strength and flexibility training to aspiring teachers. 

First month: 

  1. Asana and pranayama practice 
  2. Learning theoretically about asanas and pranayama 
  3. Observing senior teachers and following them in their class 

Second month: 

  1. Asana practice 
  2. Learning about yoga philosophy
  3. Meditation
  4. Assisting senior teachers in their class
  5. Attend yoga workshop

Third month:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Calisthenic workout
  3. Asana practice
  4. Assisting teachers 

Fourth month:

  1. Strength training
  2. Advance asana practice
  3. Taking classes in the guidance of senior teachers.

Our Approach

Our approach towards this YTTC programme is very holistic. Every teacher and faculty of Mrityunjay Yoga believes in spreading the essence of Yoga and yogic philosophy. Ours is a therapy-based institute hence anybody enrolling with us will have detailed knowledge of yoga therapy and its usage.

The ambiance at our institute is very comprehensive and there are varied learning opportunities. Here one gets not only practical and theoretical knowledge of yoga but also gets the opportunity to work on themselves and increase their physical and mental strength.

We also organise various yoga workshops which is a great learning experience for students.


We also provide internships to qualified students. After completing four months certification program, students willing to work with us are provided with two months internship. 

However, the internship is only given to eligible students. There are certain criteria one needs to fulfill before start working for Mrityunjay Yoga.

The internship has various perks and benefits other than providing the opportunity to work with the best yoga teachers and learning from them.

Job Opportunity

Many doors open up for an individual after completing a certification course from Mrityunjay Yoga. Mrityunjay Yoga is a registered institute and its certificate is nationally recognised. 

Mrityunjay Yoga also offers full-time job placement to eligible students after the completion of the certification course.