Neti Sutra Nasal Cleansing Rubber Tube | Rubber Neti

  • 5 Pcs of Nasal Cleansing Rubber Tube.
  • Made of Hygenic Rubber.
  • Easy to use.
  • This is a very effective method of keeping the nasal passages open to their fullest capacity.



A cord made of threads and about six inches long should be passed through the passage of the nose and the end took out in the mouth. This is called by adepts the Neti Karma. The Neti is the cleaner of the brain and giver of divine sight. It soon destroys all the diseases of the cervical and scapular regions.

How to use a neti sutra:

  1. Begin with a calm clear mind. Never be in a hurry to perform Sutra Neti.
  2. Carefully insert the sutra into one of the nostrils and gently push it through the nasal passage until it reaches the back of the throat.
  3. Reach far back into the throat with the first two fingers, using the fingers as pincers to take hold of the sutra.
  4. The sutra is grasped between the first two fingers and drawn out of the mouth, but still leaving some of the sutra outside the nose.
  5. Hold each end of the sutra and then gently floss back and forth a few times.
  6. The ends of the sutra can be attached together and the circle thus formed is drawn through the nostrils several times.
  7. Separate the attached ends of the sutra and remove it completely.
  8. Rinse off the sutra and perform the same on the opposite nostril.


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